The Pyramid Game
The Ethereum building game: Profit when people place blocks on top of yours!
Welcome to The Pyramid Game!

Spend some Ether to buy a block.
Blocks at the bottom layer are 0.005 ETH. Blocks at each next layer are worth twice as much as the layer below.

When someone places a block on top of yours, you'll get half their bet. So, when two blocks have been placed on top of yours, you've doubled your money! Good luck! :-)

Created byJesse Busman
Launched on30 september 2017
TwitterThe Pyramid Game
Contract address0xC3c94e2d9A33AB18D5578BD63DfdaA3e0EA74a49
Solidity codepyramid_game_solidity.txt
Contract ABIpyramid_game_abi.txt
Contract bytecodepyramid_game_bytecode.txt
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