The Pyramid Game
The Ethereum building game: Profit when people place blocks on top of yours!
Welcome to The Pyramid Game!

Spend some Ether to buy a block.
Blocks at the bottom layer are 0.005 ETH. Blocks at each next layer are worth twice as much as the layer below.

When someone places a block on top of yours, you will get half the value of their block. So, when two blocks have been placed on top of yours, you've doubled your money! Good luck! :-)

Created byJesse Busman
Launched on30 september 2017
TwitterThe Pyramid Game
Contract address0xC3c94e2d9A33AB18D5578BD63DfdaA3e0EA74a49
Solidity codepyramid_game_solidity.txt
Contract ABIpyramid_game_abi.txt
Contract bytecodepyramid_game_bytecode.txt
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